Boot camp for beginners (Friday) with Marc & Mejrem
You learn to dance West Coast Swing basic figures (left side pass, underarm turn and sugar push). Marc Heldt & Partner will practice them with you and make you feel comfortable on the dance floor. (Session in German!)

Basic level (blue)
The focus in our “basic level class” is more the technical work. Teachers are looking for good style, they develop your solid technique, they are looking for the stretch moments, … things that are interesting for every level. You will for sure have improved your WCS dancing after taking part in this classes! (up to 2 years of dance experience)

Medium level (red)
You have already been dancing WCS for at least 2 years. These lessons are signified by a relatively high learning speed. Combining figures, adding breaks, playing with the music… all what makes your WCS interesting. Inexperienced WCS dancers will not be right on this course. The teachers are allowed to refer unsuitable participants to the “Basic Level Classes” in order to improve there. (2-4 years of WCS dance experience)

Advanced level (silver) – Audition
Please note: You have to take part in the advanced-level audition to be allowed to join this class – the teachers will decide that. You get a special bracelet then. You are a really good WCS dancer with a sovereign WCS technique and several years of intense WCS dancing in the mood for new combinations. (4 -6 years of WCS dance experience)

High level (gold) – Audition
All who want to take part in the high level classes must attend the audition on Saturday (11.00-11.20 a.m.) Be careful not to be late and miss the audition! Only the teachers decide who is allowed to take part in the high level classes. You will then receive a special bracelet. You are an experienced WCS dancer (with at least 6 years of intensive WCS dance) and enjoy complex combinations and tricky styling.