A very warm welcome to Munich…

… and our

8th West Coast Swing Festival at CIRCULO!

29th November – 01st December 2019

Never change a winnning team- so again – we prouldy announce our three world famous West Coast Swing Instructors joining us at CIRCULO dance studios for an amazing three day festival!

Marc Heldt & Gina Rölike

Adam Balasy & Rita Jori    

Olivier & Virginie Massart

What’s new?

New Ticketing System: We implemented a new ticketing system, that allows the payment being done at the time you book your ticket. All at one time – very comfortable and easy! You get an email with a QR-Code and that´s it.

Low priced Full pass for pupils and students: You can book a low priced – Full pass, if you are still pupil or student. Just show us your valid ID the day you fetch your Full pass bracelet – and that´s it. Benefit from a special price and have a lot of fun!

All level Classes: The focus in our new “all level class” is more the technical work. Teachers are looking for good style, they develop your solid technique, they are looking for the stretch moments, … things that are interesting for every level.
You will for sure have improved your WCS dancing after taking part in this classes!

Medium Classes: You have already been dancing WCS for at least 2 years. These lessons are signified by a relatively high learning speed. Combining figures, adding breaks, play with the music… all that makes your WCS interesting.
Untrained WCS-dancers will not be right in this class. Teachers are allowed pleasing unsuitable participants to the “all level classes”, to improve there.

Audition for high level Workshops: The ones, who want to take part at the high level workshops have to take part at the audition: Saturday, 30.11. (11.00 – 11.20 am) – be aware of not being too late and not missing the audition! Only the teachers decide who is allowed to visit the high level classes.
You will get a special bracelet then.

DJ: Justin Petersen (London): We proudly present Justin Petersen from London as our DJ at the WCS-Partys on Friday and Saturday night. He is a worldwide known WCS-DJ, who will serve us fantastic music to dance to! We are very happy to have him with us again!

WCS Boot camp (Friday): Everyone, who has got no idea of what West Coast Swing is like, is perfectly right here. You don´t have to know nothing about the dance. Marc & Gina will show you! For so many people are interested in the WCS Boot camp with Marc & Gina it will be this time placed in our front studio, which gives all dancers enough space to move!


Three unforgettable days filled with exciting workshops, a fantastic venue, great parties and lots of fun await you



06.00 – 10.30 pm Registration and pass pick up

07.00 – 09.00 pm Beginners – Boot camp with Marc Heldt & Gina Rölike!

from 09.00 pmWest Coast Swing opening party with DJ Justin Petersen

10.30 – 11.30 am Registration and pass pick up

11.00 – 11.20 am Audition for the high levels

11.30 – 05.00 pm Workshop sessions

from 21.00 pm – 02.00 amWest Coast Swing festival party DJ Justin Petersen

10.30 – 12.30 pm Registration and pass pick up

11:15 – 12:15 pm “Warming-up”: Lady-Styling (Virginie) & Man-Styling (Olivier)

12.30 – 06.00 pm Workshop sessions


All partys on friday & saturday
All workshops on saturday & sunday, bootcamp
All partys on friday & saturday
All workshops on saturday, bootcamp
All partys on friday & saturday
All workshops on saturday, bootcamp
Party on friday


Please note:
Currently only
single leader registrations
are allowed. (As of 04.09.19)


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